He is a natural の意味は?




映画のタイトルである『Natural』は、どのような意味なのでしょうか。主役のロイ・ハブスがすばらしいボールコントロールを披露する姿を見て、彼のエージェントが興奮しながら“he is a natural”、と褒め称えるシーンがあります。

You don’t have enough prizes for him.
He’s a natural.
Give me that green doll.

OK, so in this case, “he is a natural” means he is extremely skilled naturally, his genetics or his ability were given to him by his genes or by God.

And so that he has not had to train as hard, because he has those skills already or he has skills naturally.

And therefore some people would wish have that.
For example, a short basket player has not been given advantages, has somebody who is tall, who is naturally tall is in the advantage.

And there are so many parts of body that are the same.
Not natural, he is not gifted. He is not gifted. He has to work harder to succeed.

Tiger Woods is a natural driver hitter.
He is very good with a driver


 natural: 生まれつきの名人

 extremely: [強意的に用いて] 《口語》 とても,すこぶる (very).

 skilled:  熟練した,腕のいい

 genetics: 遺伝的性質[特徴,体質]

 gene: 遺伝子




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