“word through the grapevine”の意味は?




So, word through the grapevine is that you’re newly solo.
Rex, I have a lot of work I need to get to.

さてword through the grapevineとは、どのような意味なのでしょうか?

先生の自宅でゆったりマンツーマン英会話プライベートレッスン サービス内容・授業料時間・場所・その他条件にあった先生のお問い合わせはお気軽にどうぞ

Word through the grapevine is used to explain a situation when you hear news informally from someone, who heard that news from someone else.
So you do not directly hear it for yourself, but you are passing on the information to another person, when you actually didn’t hear it.
So it is a means of circulating information or gossip.
And it is sort of like a rumor, because you do not really, you didn’t really know if it is true, but you are just passing it on and circulating the same information.
And it can also imply an overheard conversation.
So when you hear the information that you are not actually supposed to hear, you just overhear two people talking, and it is not really meant for you.

You can say to hear rumors, or gossip, or to learn through friends of friends.

You can say I heard it through the grapevine that she is pregnant.
Or I heard it through the grapevine that she got a new job.
So you did not directly hear it.
You heard it from other people.


 informally : 非公式に

 someone else: 他の誰か

 circulate: 〈風説などが〉流布する,伝わる.

 gossip: (人の私事に関する)うわさ話,世間話.

 imply: 〈…の〉意味を暗に含む,〈…を〉(暗に)意味する.

 overhear: (話し手に気づかれずに)ふと耳にする




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先生の自宅でゆったりマンツーマン英会話プライベートレッスン サービス内容・授業料時間・場所・その他条件にあった先生のお問い合わせはお気軽にどうぞ