Samson with his hair の意味は?




– Hey, Olsen, nice patch. Try putting it over your eye.
– All right, I ain’t talking, I’m hitting.
– Impressive.
– It must be the patch.
It’s like Samson with his hair.
– He came alive.
– Well, he sure did.

このSamson with his hairとはどのような意味なのでしょうか。


It’s from the bible and has to do with Samson and Delilah, which is in the bible character, Samson strength came from his hair.
His long hair gave him an unnatural strength.
And it was able to defeat many soldiers and army by himself and a jawbone of an ass.
And he was able to defeat them.
And but Delilah, a bad woman was able to cut his hair.
And his strength went away.
So in this case, the patch that are wearing on their uniforms or the mark on the baseball bat is giving it power.
So that is why the hitting or playing better.


 impressive: 深い感銘を与える

 character: (小説などの)人物,(劇の)役.

 jawbone: 下顎骨

 defeat: 打ち負かす

 go away: 消えうせる




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