underとunderneathのニアンスの違いは? (2分30秒)


映画「レミーのおいしいレストラン」の主人公はネズミです。パリの夜景を眺めながらこう言います。Paris? All this time, I’ve been underneath Paris? (僕はずっとパリの地下にいたんだ) さて、このunderneathをunderに置き換えることはできるのでしょうか。ダイアン先生(ETCマンツーマン英会話)にニアンスの違いを質問してみました。


番組 Transcript

When we use under, usually it means for example under the table. Then it’s just simply below something. Then you can see maybe. Or when we say underneath then sometimes it means it is hidden maybe. And in this case, you see, he is a mouse. So he’s been living in the maybe sewage or in the gutter or something. So in his case, he is talking about a land above the world he knew underground. So then of course the mouse, mice are usually hidden somewhere underground.

Q: So underneath is that I can’t see

Usually. Yeah, usually. Of course we can use it the same, but when you say underneath, it usually means something is hidden. So for example, if you lose your keys or something, is it underneath the cushion? As you can search it and pick it up, maybe it’s under there.

For example my cat likes to hide under the bed covering, my cat is underneath the bed spread.

Q: Bed spread? What does bed spread means?

Bed covering.

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“Soft” of TON from jamendo