toastの日本語訳はトーストでいいの? (2分47秒)


映画「レミーのおいしいレストラン」は、パリで一番といわれるシェフ、グストーのレストランが舞台です。映画ではこんなふうに紹介されています。Gisteau’s restaurant is the toast of Paris. さて、このtoastは朝食に食べるあのトーストパンのことなのでしょうか。どうも違う意味がありそうです。ダイアン先生(ETCマンツーマン英会話)に質問してみました。


番組 Transcript

Yes, toast has an another meaning. it means KAMPAI. Toast for something means you KAMPAI. Yeah. So in this case the toast of Paris means it’s something great that everybody always cheers.

Q: Is the spelling same?

Yes, the spelling is the same. Yeah. It’s not from bread. It’s not bread, but it comes from when you do KAMPAI. Yeah. You say toast or cheers. Yeah. Or we make a sentence that we say you toast to something, you toast for something.

Q: What does it means?

It’s KAMPAI for something.

Q: Is that common to say like this? Toast of Paris?

Or in this case it is comparing or it’s making, it means the restaurant is the pride, or something great in Paris, is No.1 in Paris. Usually we don’t, when we toast to something, we don’t say that, but.

Q: Can I replace toast by any other words?

Oh, it’s not natural, maybe. It doesn’t sounds natural. But maybe you can say the restraint is the pride in Paris, is our pride of Paris, is the greatest or, is the greatest of Paris.

Q: I’ve been just confused, because this is the story of restaurant, so..

OK. So it is a piece of toast? No. It’s not food.

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