claimの意味は「苦情を言う」だけ? (5分27秒)


映画「レミーのおいしいレストラン」に登場するシェフ、グストーのモットーはAnyone can cook. 誰にでもチャンスはあるという勇気付けられるメッセージです。映画のなかではグストーのもとで働くコックがこんなことを言っています。How can we claim to represent the name of Gusteau, if we don’t uphold his most cherished belief. さてこのclaimという単語はどんな意味なのでしょう?

番組 Transcript

Hum, well, claim has many meanings actually. One claim that you are talking about means to complain. But the baggage claim is different. Baggage claim means the place where you go and get and you announce that this is your baggage. That’s where you are going to get your baggage. So you have to state that this is your baggage. That’s a different meaning. That’s two meanings. In this case, claim means, hum, how can we stress, or how can we tell everyone that we are Gusteu, that we are representatives, or we are representing, we are the cook, we are working for Gusteau. How can we insist. Maybe it’s better.

How can we insist that we are working for Gusteau or if we don’t promise or, we don’t keep up with his belief.
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“Soft” of TON from jamendo