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Del: Listen, I want to talk to you see. No, listen now, this night security job of yours is merely a tiny part of my immaculate scheme. Rodney: What immaculate scheme? Del: The Tourist Trade, Rodney.The Tourist Trade.

immaculate is absolutely perfect, clean, pure, everything, you know like, we say the immaculate Mary for Jesus’ mother. So I think it’ just that basically that my perfect scheme, it’s just another, so it seems a little bit more emphatic.

– What does emphatic mean?

Emphatic means more feeling to it, stronger., sounds bigger and more fuller.

Perfect is exactly same meaning. But immaculate is pure, untouched, and the very best. So perfect is all of those. But immaculate is more emphatic. If you say, “good morning. this is nice weather”, no stress, no feeling. “What a fantastic day! Beautiful! Sun beeming”, you are more emphatic, more feeling, far more expressive.

“He was dressed immaculately” as an adverb. You can use it in that sense.





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