“Your bottle is gone”の意味は?

“Your bottle is gone”の意味は?

110815BBCのコメディ『Only Fools And Horses』を題材にして、ETC英会話のコリン先生のレッスンを受けています。



Janice will understand if your bottle is gone. Rodney: Me scared? You must be joking!

Your bottle is gone, as your nerve is gone. Yeah. Are you frightened So as your bottle is gone is just saying your bottle is gone, shaking. He’s nervous. Are you nervous? Are you bottle gone? That is all meaning, scared of, frightened.

– Why is the bottle?

There is no logical. Some of them, your bottle Maybe, it means back side, I don’t know. That is how it is used. Are you frightened Are you scared. Maybe they used to give drink for energy of strength. When they are going to war, maybe his water, his bottle is gone, is loss spirit. So his nerve is gone with the bottle. Maybe I can assume is something that kind of nature, perhaps.

So, are you frighten? are you scared? are you nervous? is it too much for you? all of those are similar phrases.





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