“fed up”の意味は?

“fed up”の意味は?

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The reason is your average tourist gets fed up of seeing the same places. Like the Houses of Parliament, Buck House, the National Gallery, er, you know. Once you’ve seen one Rubens, you’ve seen them all!

So fed up is tired of, bored with, angry with, all of those. I am fed up with the noise. “I am fed up with my job. You know, I am bored.” There are a few meanings, bored, angry, disappointing.

“I am fed up with the noise, neighbours are making a lot of the noise” ”I am fed with her always complaining.”

Fed up. Fed is feed, eat. Fed up means I had enough. This is where it comes from. I had enough. I can’t take anymore. So, I am fed up. I am full, full with anger. So this is perhaps where it comes from.





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