I am in kind of a hurry と I am in a hurryのニュアンスの違い

I am in kind of a hurry と I am in a hurryのニュアンスの違い


I am in kind of a hurry.

さて、このin kind of は何と訳したらいいのでしょうか? また、I am in ahurryと言うのとは、どんなニュアンスの違いがあるのでしょうか。ダイアン先生(ETCマンツーマン英会話)に質問をしてみました。





番組 Transcript

“Kind of ” is very vague. And it’d used in many ways like the Japanese word “まあね、とか”~の様な”. It’s a very simple phrase that we use in conversation to show your feelings, your mode.

Q; What kind of feelings or mode are they?

Well, just simply, “kind of” –

Q: To try to make things vague?

Yeah. To make it vague, not giving a straight answer or sometimes it’s used like “rather”. “I’m rather in a hurry.” Yeah. But “kind of “ is very vague and we use it like “he seemed kind of shocked.” “なんとなく、なんとなくそう見えた” “kind of shocked”

Q: What is the difference between “I’m in kind of a hurry” and “I’m in a hurry” ?

“I’m in a hurry” is a straight sentence, right? “I’m in a hurry”, that’s definite. “I’m in a hurry, I’m rushing”. But if you say “ I’m in kind of a hurry” means,–

Q: Just to avoid to say something straight?

Yeah, that’s right. Not saying “I’m in a hurry” definitely, not giving a definite answer, but saying, “I think I am in a hurry”, kind of thing. “Kind of thing” “のような”. So I usually when I give a sentence and I, yeah, make a phrase or something like this. “It means like this” or “kind of”.

Q: So in this scene, Howard says to the police officer. So maybe he makes a straight comment to the police officer?

Well, I think he can’t, because you know he was over speeding. And the policeman on the motor bike came after him and stopped him. So he cannot say, “I am in a hurry”, because he did over speed. So then he wants to make an excuse. So he says “oh, I’m in kind of a hurry.” Or, I don’t know, but in this phrase, “I’m in kind of a hurry”, when he talks, when Howard says to the police officer, I think he means that he wants to say “ ちょっと急いでいるんだけど、みたいな”.

Q: Try to express –

Yeah, try to express or he wants the police officer to feel sympathy to him, yeah, he is trying to make an excuse.

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