“I was sucked in”の意味は

“I was sucked in”の意味は

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大臣のHugh Abbotは、首相の言葉を思い違いしてしまったことに気が付きこう言います。

I was sucked in!

さて、I was sucked inとはどのような意味でしょうか。


“I was sucked in” means I was misled or I was forced to join in under the concept of peer pressure. Peer pressure is if a boss tell you to do something, even though you disagree and you think it’s bad thing, it’s kind of difficult to say no.

So you’ve got two ways of it. I was misled. Misled doesn’t mean cheated, but I was misled or I was forced to do it under peer pressure.

I was sucked in. It’s just sort of you were misled, I was cheated, I was totally misled meaning someone actually lie to you to get in to. I was totally misled. So cheated means I was deceived. To be sucked in, maybe you were misled, but you were not deceived. You had an idea of what was happening, but it wasn’t the conclusion you wanted.





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