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Olly Reeder: As far as the department and the Government are concerned, there is no Snooper Force.
Angela Heaney: What’s going on?Has the treasury gone ballistic?
Olly Reeder: No, no..
Angela Heaney: Why this flip-flop?
Olly Reeder: No, there’s no fiip-flop. Nothing like that! No,erm, this isn’t a…change in policy in any ..in any respect.

Flip-flop means being indecisive, always changing one’s mind or never coming out with a clear decision. Governments nearly always flip flop. When one part says one thing, and another party says the another thing. And then they are pretending to argue about it for a long time.
So they flip flop.

— The government is flip-flop.

Flip-flopping. Yeah, you know I mean like you do the fan, it flip-flops. It shakes both way. That’s flip-flopping. They go one way, then the other. But they are very indecisive.

You watch it In sentences.

The PM is always flip-flopping. He never makes a clear statement.
I wish TEPCO would not flip-flop with their statements and make a clear answer to the problem into the public.

I know it’s good to use something that is relevant.





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