“kind of”と”sort of”の意味は

“kind of”と”sort of”の意味は

110830BBCのコメディー、『The Thick Of It』を観ながらETC英会話のチャールズ先生のレッスンを受けています。

大臣のHugh Abbotと英国政府報道・戦略局長のMalcolm Tuckerの会話です。首相が実際には何と大臣に発言したのか、マルコムが問いただしているシーンです。


Malcolm Tucker: What did the Prime Minister actually say to you?
Hugh Abbot: He actually said this is exactly the kind of thing we should be doing.
Malcolm Tucker: What did he actually say?
Hugh Abbot: He said this is exactly the sort of thing we should be doing.
Malcolm Tucker: ‘SHOULD’ be doing. ‘Should’ does not mean ‘yes’.

“Kind of” and “sort of” are perfect synonyms. it will depend on the level of intonation to make clear any difference. These are not clear statements. The meaning can be less than 75% certain. It sounds indivisible or it is not clear comment.

And it says “kind of” and “sort of”… It’s not 100% comment. So it’s not clear comment, so therefore if person take it as meanings are 100%, he may be out of bounds.

Mr.Kan is kind of on track with the current situation in Japan, but the people are struggling to get along with him. Good medicine often taste bad.





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