異文化比較を通して アイリス先生(麻布十番) ETCマンツーマン英会話

アイリス先生(市川) ETCマンツーマン英会話Q: お生まれはどちらですか?
Q: Where were you born?

I was born in Taiwan. And after I finished high school, I went to Hawaii to study. And after that, I went to Hong Kong to gain my master degree. And after that, I moved to Japan and study one year at Keio University. So just a little bit here, a little bit there, in different countries.

Q: 生れ故郷についてお話しを聞かせていただけますか。
Q: Please tell us a little more about your hometown.

故郷ですか。そうですね。人生の半分を海外で暮しているので、私にとって故郷という概念を特定するのがとても難しいのです。 Hometown? Well, first of all it’s too difficult for me to define a hometown, because more than a half of my life I lived abroad. The time I lived in overseas is more than the time I lived in Taiwan. So it’s too hard for me to describe my hometown. I am sorry about that.

Q: 自分には故郷がないという感覚ですか?
Q: Do you feel like you don’t have any hometown?

Yeah, I feel like I’m a traveler. It’s like every country I live like 4-6 years and move to another country. And now it happens in 2-3 years later we might leave to other countries as well. It’s really difficult for me to describe my hometown.

アイリス先生(市川) ETCマンツーマン英会話Q: 多くの生徒が英会話を学んでいるにも係わらず、実際にネイティブスピーカーの英語が分からず、ショックを受けることが良くあります。日常生活に密着した実用的な英語を学ぶ方法はありますか?
Q: Although the students study English at the school, many of them are shocked, when they can’t understand the native speakers. Do you have any recommendations with regards to practical English for daily situations?

OK. When my students have a hard time to understand native speakers, first of them I always comfort them first. It’s not your problem. Because even native speakers, they speak different accent like Austrian accent, like British English accent, American accent. So it’s not your problem. It’s just you haven’t get to used the native speaker’s accent. The only thing you need to do is just to watch more TV, watch more movies to get to used to the accent. Then you should be fine. So I always encourage them like don’t be discouraged, it’s not your problem, your English is good. Just be comforting yourself. The problem is the native speaker’s accent.

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アイリス先生(市川) ETCマンツーマン英会話Q: 生徒さんのリクエストに応じて、レッスンをカスタマイズされたことはありますか。
Q: Have you ever customized lessons to suite students’ needs. If yes, please tell us an example of such lesson?

Actually I have too many examples, because I customized almost every students lessons.

Usually at the first lesson, I always have this style. And I always interview my students at the first lesson, I ask them to introduce themselves and I want them tell me their learning experiences in English before and their learning difficulties like listening, grammar, or whatever. And then the purpose of learning. Why they want to learn English.

One of my students is interested in culture events. And she said she is interested in history and Jinruigaku. sometimes I introduce some movies or book for her to read or to study. And 2 weeks ago, I recommended her a movie about Hawaii Japanese. So I explained the story in movie first, and because they use some Hawaii-go in the movie. So I also translate the Hawaii-go into English for her, like Hana. Hana in Japanese is flowers. But actually in Hawaii it means work. So if you go to Hawaii, people say we have Hana Hana to do, it means that we have a lot work to do.

Q: 通常のレッスン以外に、お勧めの勉強方法はありますか?
Q: How can students improve their English next to formal lesson?

I think many of my students they complain that they can not speak English well because they don’t have the English environment. But my advice is that you have to create your own English environment.

You go out, try to look at those English sign, English Kanban, English instruction. Sometimes when you buy the medicine, they have the instruction in both Japanese and English. So because you know Japanese already. So you have to create own English environment. You try not to look at Japanese instruction only read English one and image that kind of situation.

And then when you take Densha specially in Yamanote line, they always have the English instructions, like the next station is nani-nani. In the train and train station, there are many English directions, like priority seat. So actually you know those words already. Those words are already in your environment. You just look at Japanese only instead of English. So I tell my students create your own English environment, try not to look at those Japanese instructions or direction, only look at English one.

I think Japan is actually better than in other Asian countries, because there are so many foreign tourists in Japan. So like everywhere they have the English instruction and writing. So I think why Japanese still say they can not speak English. They have English everywhere. It’s just the read Japanese. That’s it.

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■ アイリス先生のレッスンを受講されているかをりさんからのフィードバック

アイリス先生(市川) ETCマンツーマン英会話 日常ではまったく2年くらい英語を話さない状況の中で、香港に行くたびにどんどん英語が下手になっていく → 話せなくなっていく負のスパイラルが続いたとき、友人に「英語を話せなくなったのかい? 君は発話障害かい?」と聞かれ、ものすごいショックでした。




アイリス先生(市川) ETCマンツーマン英会話 私が特に気に入っていることは、たまに理解できない表現を先生が使うときでも<決して日本語で私に話さない>という徹底した姿勢です。段階を追って、方法を変えて私に表現するという教え方をしてくれます。私は日常会話のスキルアップを望んでいるので、会話の内容の多くは、香港と私達の身の回りにおきた出来事を話すことが多いです。








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