“Here we go”の意味は?

“Here we go”の意味は?

130312 人気テレビドラマ『Law and Order』を観ながらETCマンツーマン英会話のロレット先生(西大井/熊谷)のレッスンを受けています。Law and Orderはロレット先生お薦めのテレビ番組。ドラマの前半は刑事が容疑者を追跡し逮捕するまで、後半は弁護士や判事がその事件の被告にどのような判決を求めるのか裁判の様子を描いた、2段仕立てのストーリーになっています。刑事と容疑者、弁護士と裁判官、そして刑事同士、弁護士同士と様々な人々が交わす、様々なタイプの英語に触れることができます。

さて、今日はこんな場面から。“Here we go”とは、どのような意味なのでしょうか?


Ed Green:
Here we go. All of Trammell’s priors.


In this case it means “here is what we are looking for”.
They are looking through the data base.
They are looking for people who know the deal guy, the victim.
And they have the guyFrank’s name from his sister.
And “here we go” is rather like saying おっ、あった, “ah, here it is”, “here something is”,” this maybe useful”.
“Here we go” is used in different situations, actually.
“Here we go”, depending on the situations and contexts, “here it is“ might be used, “here they are, this looks good” or something like that.
There are other things you can say like that.
It depends on the situation.
Examples certain thing you might say, for example if you’re outside, you waited, you are looking for a train, when is the next train, on a smartphone maybe, in there.
You’re looking up the train schedule.
“Oh here we go, I’ve found the train schedule.”
Or if you’re using a navigation application, trying to find the restaurant in Shibuya, Shinagawa or some place, following a map, and you see it,
“Oh here we go, this is the restaurant we were looking for.”
Or “Here we go, the house is right across the street.”
It is kind of random, in Japanese probably you know ようし、あったぞ kind of depends これだとか。
In this case it is finding something, a different thing.
It is finding something.
It is also used to mean, in fact recent “here we go” is something is going to begin now.
Something is going to begin.
Where is restaurant, or we got to go to, now we can find the train schedule or something.
Something is starting from now.
So it is “here we go”.
That can also be the beginning of something, for example in a restaurant you order something, and waiting for it and the waiter brings it and you see him.
“Ah, here we go, the waiter is bringing our order right now”.


“Here we go, I’ve found the train timetable.”
“Here we go, this is the restaurant we were looking for.”
“Here we go, the house is right across the street.”


『LAW & ORDER』 シーズン15第3話「正当防衛」THE BROTHERHOOD



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