“I thought you were going to be~”の意味は?



命が宿ってしまったぬいぐるみの熊のTEDは、全米のマスコミ各社が取り上げ瞬く間に有名になります。コメディアンのJohnny Carsonが司会を務めるインタビュー番組『The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson』にも出演します。

Johnny Carson:
– Hello, Teddy.
You… You are a… You surprise me.
For some reason I thought you were going to be taller.

I thought you were going to be funnier.

「君はもっと背が高いと思っていた」と言うならば、“I thought you were taller.”と言うのではと思うのですが、“I thought you were going to be taller.”と言うのとでは、意味やニュアンスはどのように異なるのでしょうか?

先生の自宅でゆったりマンツーマン英会話プライベートレッスン サービス内容・授業料時間・場所・その他条件にあった先生のお問い合わせはお気軽にどうぞ

Well, since the sentence “I thought you were going to be taller” uses “you were going to be taller”, it kind of implies a situation, where the two people conversing have met for the first time, and they haven’t met before.
So they meet each other and in one person’s imagination, the other person was maybe taller.
They imagined the person to be taller.
But when they actually met for the first time, they weren’t tall as they thought they were going to be.
So you say, “oh I thought you were going to be taller.”
And it’s a surprise to them.
But on the other hand, “I thought you were taller” is used when you actually know the other person and you met them before.
But maybe you haven’t met them for a long time, or when you ask their height, they say something, and you expected the person to be taller than you thought, then you say, “oh I thought you were taller than that.”
It is used when you know the person from before.


imply a situation (that): 〔that以下〕という状況を暗示する

on the other hand: 一方では、他方



マンツーマン英会話ワンポイント・レッスン~”I thought you are going to be~”の意味を教えてください




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先生の自宅でゆったりマンツーマン英会話プライベートレッスン サービス内容・授業料時間・場所・その他条件にあった先生のお問い合わせはお気軽にどうぞ