We are all rooting for you. の意味は?

We are all rooting for you. の意味は?


舞台はNYです。あらぬ容疑をかけられたDon Flackは、操作からはずされ事務職へまわされてしまいます。そこへ仲の良い同僚、Stella Bonasera ステラ・ボナセーラ が励ましに来ます。

Stella Bonasera
Hey! How are you holding up?

Don Flack:
Fantastic! What is a five-letter word for a cooking utensil?

Stella Bonasera
A whisk?

Don Flack:
That would be it.

Stella Bonasera
We’re all rooting for you. I want you to know that.

Don Flack:
Thank you. I appreciate that.

さて、この We’re all rooting for you. とはどのような意味なのでしょうか。


Rooting for you.
Rooting is the same as cheering, you know, game, football game or something.
Rooting is an another word for cheering.
Let’s go out and root for the team.
Root is basically same as cheer.

Q: So can I say, “I am rooting for San Francisco Giants.

Oh, yes. Sure. 
I am rooting for Hanshin or something.
“Rooting for” is used in just that way.



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