How are you holding up? の意味は?

How are you holding up? の意味は?



舞台はNYです。あらぬ容疑をかけられたDon Flackは、操作からはずされ事務職へまわされてしまいます。そこへ仲の良い同僚、Stella Bonasera ステラ・ボナセーラ が励ましに来ます。

Stella Bonasera:
Hey! How are you holding up?

Don Flack:
Fantastic! What is a five-letter word for a cooking utensil?

Stella Bonasera:
A whisk?

Don Flack:
That would be it.

Stella Bonasera:
We’re all rooting for you. I want you to know that.

Don Flack:
Thank you. I appreciate that.

さて、”How are you holding up?”とはどのような意味なのでしょうか?


“Holding up” in this case, means some,,,

that is what she is meaning it.

He is in a difficult situation.

He is not able to be a policeman, you see, really.

He is doing paperwork.

He can’t because if he want to go outside.

He feel he is being treated unjustly.

Because he isn’t doing anything bad.

From his point of view, he is doing anything bad.

So it is difficult to bear.

She comes in.

She knows it must be difficult situation for him.

So she wants to know “how are you bearing up ”.

Bearing up is the another word to mean holding up.

Bearing up is the another word you can use for that.

How are you managing this difficult situation.



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