The Beatles Legend ~作詞をしたのはポール or ジョン

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■出演 ・マイク先生(ETCマンツーマン英会話)

■聞き手 ・福本哲也(ETC英会話 代表) ・青樹洋文

番組 Transcript

If you go back to 1966 from November, from that point on, you notice, you will notice a big change in the lyrics, because, before that, most of the songs were about love and friendship and nice happy things. But after, after that point, John Lennon wrote most of the songs. If you really… Every album says Lennon McCartney, Lennon McCartney, Lennon McCartney. That’s misleading. John Lennon wrote most of the lyrics. Paul input something and Paul wrote a few songs by himself, but it’s, according to the contractual agreement, McCartney was smart. He demanded to be, to have equal rights. Harrison and Ring Starr, they had very little economic power, economic rights. OK? So You have to think about that. Because when you read these songs, you have to know, it’s good to know, if you want to understand the Beatles, you have to understand John Lennon’s life, and you have to understand his education, his upbringing, his family, his mother and father and uncles and Aunt. You have to understand what made John Lennon, John Lennon. OK? What books did he read? What trials and tribulations did he have? And if you study Paul McCartney, you will see they are totally different people, totally different people. Paul McCartney liked to play rugby. He was happy-go-lucky guy. He always had many girl friends, because he was so cute. John lennon was a thinker. Paul McCartney was a party boy. Paul MacCartney didn’t think very deeply, actually. He didn’t. He didn’t care about the political issues, social issues. No. That was Lennon’s. So when you read, so if you know that, if you learn that, then these songs take on a different meaning, a whole new meaning. Yeah.


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