The Beatles Legend ~ブライアン・エプスタインの影響

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ビートルズは、1962年10月レコードデビューし、1970年4月解散するまで、様々な変化を遂げているそうです。その中でも1966年11月において最も大きな変化が起こったとのこと。ブライアン・エプスタイン(Brian Samuel Epstein)がビートルズのマネジメントを行うようになったことも、ビートルズに大切な変化をもたらしました。さて、それはどのようなものだったのでしょうか。


■出演 ・マイク先生(ETCマンツーマン英会話)

・福本哲也(ETC英会話 代表)

番組 Transcript

The Beatles went through many changes. OK? And especially after 1966 in the winter, from the winter 1966, the Beatles made big changes, very important changes. Now, so, I have all the Beatles albums, OK? I have one copy of, two White albums and two Let it be albums and two… Anyway, I have one copy of every album. And if you study the Beatles which I have, that’s to study every single song. And by the way, the Beatles, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, had two other groups before they made the Beatles. And First, let’s see, the second group was called “Johnny & the Moondogs”. And the first group was called, I forgot, right now my brain isn’t working. But John Lennon and Paul McCartney, they made two groups and they were not making any money. They didn’t make any money until Brian Epstein came into the picture. He turned them into suits and ties and the Beatles hair cut. All right, that was 1964. Anyway if you read each song, then you come to 1966, then after that point, you notice, you will notice that the lyrics change very… before 1966 and November, October and November, they, the Beatles played other artists’ music sometimes. They played Chuck Berry. They played some other, I forgot his name、Buddy Holly, OK? And they wrote some of their own songs. That’s right. That’s right. But they really didn’t have confidence until Brian Epstein came into the picture.

Q: Who?

Brian Epstein. we say Epstein, the British say Epstein. He became their first real manager. He brought them stardom. He put them in suites and ties. He told them to cut their hair a certain way, to dress a certain way. And see, he was, Epstein was brilliant, because it was his marketing scheme. He knew how to make them palatable to the public. Because before Epstein, they wore leather jackets, all leather. And they had a biker image. He knew the public would not go for that at that time. So he put them in white shirts, black suits. And that was brilliant.


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