The Beatles Legend ~サージェント・ペパーズ・アルバムの秘密

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■出演 ・マイク先生(ETCマンツーマン英会話)

■聞き手 ・福本哲也(ETC英会話 代表) ・青樹洋文

番組 Transcript

Yes, so the starting point, you should buy, the picture of Sgt. Pepper’s album. Buy the album, if you can. And preferable to get one of the first copies, which I have. And you look on that cover, on the front and back. And I can show you all these clues. For example, the Beatles are standing like this. OK? Here is John. Here is Paul. Here is Ringo and George . Paul, John, Ringo, George. They had suits on, Paul McCartney has bare feet. Bare feat is the way they buried people in part of England. When they placed the body in the coffin お葬式, they don’t put shoes on. You got flowers, which is the shape of a guitar, a base guitar. And also you can see a three, which means the three Beatles, not four. Paul McCartney, rugby trophy from his rugby days. Black TV, which means no media coverage. And there are so many things right there in front of you.

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