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How much do you know about the Beatles’ legend? How much do you now about the Beatles?

Q: A little

Ok, I’ll tell you something very, you know. This is very important. What I’m gonna say, you may not agree, that’s OK. It’s very controversial. And if I tell you when I’m, if I do tell you, then that’s a whole other story, that I mean, we could talk about for hours and hours and hours.

So one more time, this album, this song was on the last album they played and made together. OK? And remember, one more thing, the last Beatles live concert was in August 26 1969, San Francisco at Candlestick Park. And so here is the legend. It was said that Paul McCartney died in an automobile crash. OK? And it was covered up. And there’s so many pieces of the evidence. First of all, it’s obvious. After August 26 1969, the Beatles never performed live in a concert again. And when they made this album, they had a Sayonara concert on a rooftop in London. Because John Lennon was so happy, his contract was finished. And so they had one last party on the top of a roof. And it was cold and kind of rainy. And the police came in and broke up the party. But they would let the police in until the Beatles played for about 90 minutes. And so, they wrote the song in 1968 I think, but we heard it 1969. So that means about a year and half, two years past after Paul McCartney died, which I do believe Paul McCartney died. Because…


Q: You believe?

Oh, yes. Yes, I believe. Yeah. OK. Anyway, so that’s what I mean, I just told you today, if you read the songs after, anything written after August 26 1966, you will notice the difference. So we think, well, me and my friends think, my friends are hard core Beatles freaks like me. We think that he’s talking about, here is what happened.

Paul McCartney was driving a car. George Harrison and Paul McCartney got into an argument. And then Ringo starr said something. And Paul McCartney got angry. And He worked out of the recording studio. And they all had been drinking alcohol on that particular night. And so he went out and got into hie car and he supposedly was driving home. He didn’t make it home. He crashed, at Aston Martin, car. And he died in a crash.

So what happened was police called Brian Epstein, the Beatles manager, and said “hey, Paul McCartney’s dead.” Brian Epstein’s like, “what?” Epstein quickly told them “please don’t do anything, don’t tell anybody. ” Oh, Mick Jagger was there with the Beatles at that time. Yes, at the session. And Epstein was the genius. He told John Lennon that we shouldn’t tell anybody, anything. We gotta talk to the police and get our layer, and see if you can keep the news and media. Epstein was thinking farther ahead. He wanted to pay the police. He wanted to bribe the police to kill the story. So Epstein went and then the layer showed up and the police were there. The police had surrounded the car and were keeping onlookers back and there weren’t so many because the accident happened in a small town. But the all people were looking. It was in the middle of the night. It was like, 5 o’clock in the morning. The sun was just doesn’t coming. People were trying to look in there and see. Who is it? What happened? You know. And the story never made it into the media.

Now I have searched this on google and yahoo. Any reference, any news, any article, there is nothing. There’s nothing. Not one piece. Nothing. So we believe the story was effectively killed and that never made it to the media. Maybe it’s true that they paid money to the local police official to shut it up.

Now why they would do that? Well, only because the Beatles had 200 songs, they were earning royalties, only because the Capital record did not want to stop the money machine. And they knew if Paul McCartney dead, that’s the end of the Beatles. So you are talking huge money. You have Brain Epstein, the manager of the Beatles, he got 25% of the Beatles net earnings. Yes. Yes. And remember the Beatles paid 80% tax, capital gain tax at that time. The tax structure in England was crazy. So who’s making money? Epstein, the lawyer, Capital records, all the theaters. Come on. You are the walking money machines. Paul McCartney. They were the first rocking roll band to generate all this money. Wow. Wow.


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