Robert Burnsでスコットランド英語 – Caledonian bard とは

Robert Burnsでスコットランド英語 – Caledonian bard とは

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Caledonian bard means, like, Caledonian means Scottish.

Caledonia was another name of Scotland.

So it means Scotland as a whole.

So it means traditionally Scottish.

He want to be the Scottish bard.

And he is the Scottish bard.

He is the No.1 poet of Scotland and for many people, No.1 poet for the world.

But his rhyme line is very simplicity.

So many people can read his poem and enjoy his poem, because it’s simple rhyming meter.

But when you read other great poets, their meter is much more complex.

And it’s more difficult to read it.

It meant to be read.

But Robert Burns is actually very easy to read, because it flows naturally.

Q What does bard mean?

Bard means a poet.

When you talk about poets, you call them bards.

Like William Shakespeare is another famous bard.

One of poetic words.




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