Robert Burnsでスコットランド英語 – Burns’ Night とは

Robert Burnsでスコットランド英語 – Burns’ Night とは

111118 BBCのドキュメンタリ、Robert Burns – Poeple’s poet を見ながら、ETCマンツーマン英会話のチャールズ先生のレッスンを受けています。



The Burns night usually takes place at the end of January or February.

Normally it takes place on the traditional date of Burns’ death around about that time.
So the Burns night is to celebrate the life and time of Robert Burns, his poetry and things.

It’s quite enjoyable night actually.

And they do read Robert Burns’ poem, they do address to the haggis.

Definitely if you go to the St. Andrews society, I will be barring Haggis.

And a friend of mine will read the poem, and maybe I will slash the Haggis open.

And then also do whiskey barrel so then person for each table.

You will enjoy of drum of whiskey.




◆使用楽曲 (BGM)
“Toxic Rainfall” of some1else from ccMixter

The Society Burns Night 2011。