That is something. の意味は?

That is something. の意味は?

RadioETC アメリカの人気テレビ番組、CSI:科学捜査班を見ながら、ETCマンツーマン英会話のロレット先生(西大井/熊谷)のレッスンを受けています。

 舞台はマイアミです。Ryan Wolfeがフランク・トリップ (Frank Tripp)に電話で鑑識の結果を伝えます。

Ryan Wolfe:
It’s Ryan Wolfe, CSI.
I got something from the soil on Mr.Duquesne’s tires.
It’s traces of iron covered with a thin layer of calcium oxide, calcium flouride, and silicon dioxide.It looks like weld spatter.

Frank Tripp: 
That’s something. Thanks.

 さて、この”that’s something.”とはどのような意味なのでしょうか


That’s something means that, In this case means that’s useful information.

That’s something is used a lot,

If you really want more, something more information usually, only you get is small amount.

It is better than nothing.

That’s something.

I would like to have your entire answer.

We don’t have whole answer.

We only have small piece of information.

Oh that’s something.

In this case, for example, they are looking for how did this car get blood in reel wheel.

I have no idea, where he went, because the driver was drunk.

So missing a lot of important information.

And Ryan cause up this is we found in dirt on the tire, three chemicals, looks like weld spatter.

It is only small amount of information doesn’t tell exactly what he was, but gives little more information than before.

And so Frank says, oh that’s something. Thanks.



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