“If you don’t mind, “の意味は?

“If you don’t mind, “の意味は?


舞台はマイアミです。自分の父親に容疑をかけられたCalleigh Duquesne (カリー・デュケーン)は、操作からはずされます。変わりにその日配属したばかりの新人、Ryan Wolfe(ライアン・ウルフ)が担当することになります。Calleigh DuquesneがRyan Wolfeの仕事振りをのぞきに来ました。

Ryan Wolfe:
8 and a half.
Officer Duquesne, I know it is my first day.
Regardless, uncovering the truth is more important to me than proving myself.
So, if you don’t mind…
I am not finished yet..

さて、if you don’t mind, とはどのような意味なのでしょうか?


If you don’t mind.

In Japanese, basically “if you don’t mind” means よろしければ, for example.

It means “if it OK with you”, “if it is not problem for you”.

And in this case, this is a Ryan first day on the job as CSI.

And Calleigh Duquesne has been doing job for long time.

She is a senior.

But her father is involved in the accident.

So she is not supposed to touch it.

And it looks like their rules is she can come within 10 feet, about 3 meters on the place.

He is asking her put hands in her pocket.

He is junior, very junior.

He just started his first day

He is very junior member of the team.

And she is much about that.

She is much seniority.

She is veteran of CSI

So he is a kind of polite, but also being firm.

If you don’t mind is polite.

If you don’t mind, I am not finished yet.

I guess you can also translate 悪いんですが とか よろしければ とか

If you don’t mind


In this case, it is a polite way of saying something.

But the reason he is being polite is because she is senior to him.

It is also being firm.

Totally 2 or 3 times, stay away from the car.



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