The Beatles Legend ~ジョンレノンの詩の特徴


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■出演 ・マイク先生(ETCマンツーマン英会話)

■聞き手 ・福本哲也(ETC英会話 代表) ・青樹洋文

番組 Transcript

If you look at these songs, Lennon and McCartney, they didn’t use difficult grammar or adjectives, or you know. The point is John Lennon’s wit. He, John Lennon played loved to play with your head. And he loved to play with words and puns, and double entendre.

Q: Double ?

Double entendres, which means a word group, an expression has more than one meaning. He loved to do that. That’s brilliant expression that I am coming. OK? Paul McCartney was simple, you know, he was into very simple expressions. Lennon was into mind games. He liked to play with your head.


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