The Beatles Legend ~Hey Judeを作詞したのはポール?それともジョン?


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ビートルズの楽曲の中でも最も有名な曲の一つ、hey jude。一般的にこの曲はポール・マッカートニーがジョン・レノンに贈った曲だといわれているそうです。しかし、それは違うとマイク先生は言います。この曲にも、ビートルズの詩を理解するために大切な、こんな特徴があるのだそうです。


■出演 ・マイク先生(ETCマンツーマン英会話)

■聞き手 ・福本哲也(ETC英会話 代表) ・青樹洋文

番組 Transcript

“Hey Jude, don’t make it bad. Take a sad song and make it better. Remember to let her into your heart, Then you can start to make it better. Then you can start to make it better.” Well, this song came out in 1969, I believe. I was in junior high school. And we thought, we interpreted it as Paul McCartney saying to John, “don’t worry about Yoko Ono, getting her, let her come in to your heart and make it better.” But that interpretation doesn’t hold water. It’s not a valid interpretation. Because John Lennon and Yoko Ono, John Lennon and Yoko Ono were perfectly happy together. They met, I think, they met after he came back from India. They fell in love and that was that. The reality was, is that Paul McCartney did not like Yoko Ono. He was very jealous. George Harrison didn’t care one way or the other. Neither did Ringo Starr. But Paul McCartney was severely jealous. Because you have to remember, Paul McCartney and John Lennon were friends, the best friends since junior high school. They traveled a long road together. Yoko came in and suddenly John was staying with Yoko everyday, not drinking and smoking and playing around with Paul. So this song, it’s, a lot of people in our generation thought, “oh it must be, it must being Paul’s saying this to John.” No. No, No. No. What my friends and I thought, eventually that way, it must be John saying something here, and then Paul saying something here.

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