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How would you describe her nature.



How would you describe Kellyanne’s nature ?

She is a lovely girl, vivid imagination, dreamer.


There is another word, personality, character and nature. All is like circles they are overlapping each other.

And there’s not clear meaning.

There’s no difference between two really, they can be intertwined, they can be used together, so can be Kellyanne’s nature or Kellyanne’s character.

For me, character is, this is just my own thinking, when you are talking about somebodies’ formal characteristics: that person’s character is high morals.

Nature, I find to be a little bit more, in my case probably, thing is a bit more spiritual.

Kellyanne is, for me, you could describe her nature as child.

It’s little more fuzzy.

It’s not as direct and the meaning is not as clear.

So both of, you can say Keellyanne’s nature, Kellyanne’s character.

But in this case, he used the word nature, because I think she is a child.

And it’s just, it sounds a bit more soft. 
I looked upon the dictionary, character, one the words was nature.

And nature, synonym for that was character.

So they can be used in both way.

If they were talking about the father in court, they would be asking about his character.

What is his character like?

And people will comment on his character.

But then they can comment on his nature as well.

And I suppose just the use of the word, character, I would probably use as more formal words.

And with nature I would use as more feeling words.

That’s just my opinion.





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