I want to knowとI demand to know!のニュアンスの違い

I want to knowとI demand to know!のニュアンスの違い (3分38秒)


I demand to know!

さて、このI demand to know!は、I want to knowとはどんなニュアンスの違いがあるのでしょうか?ETCのダイアン先生(ETCマンツーマン英会話)に質問してみました。。




番組 Transcript

I demand to know.

Q: It sounds for me a little bit very strong. So I wonder if I can use this phrase often or.

Demand means to ask for something. And as you said, I want to know, this is a softer nuance. And if you say I want to know, just simply means “tell me the information” “give me the information”. But if you say, I demand to know, and in this scene, the chef is very surprised after he says “no, it can’t be”. And He goes back into the kitchen and shouting, because he wants to know the truth. Why? What happened? And I think this is still Gusteau, right? So he was fired. Fired? Anyway, he is not the chef anymore or everybody left. So yeah he thinks it’s impossible that these two, the boy and the girl, are cooking such delicious food. So he asks strongly. Demand means to ask strongly for something. Require or.

Q: It doesn’t sound rude?

Well, it is a strong way of saying something. So if You demands for something, you, we usually don’t use this in… You can use it in regular conversation too, of course Demand is often used. But it has a stronger feeling. So if something is wrong, then you say I demand to know.

Demand shows you that you have a right for something. So what would be a good example? If you say, I want to know what’s going on, that means you just have to get the information, people have to explain to you. But if you say I demand to know, I demand to know what’s going on, because it’s so noisy and everything. For example, here you, there is going to be a new building built pretty soon. And if it is too noisy, for example, the construction is too noisy and I have no information before that. Then I can complain and say I demand to know why you are making so much noise. Please explain to me. But if you say I want to know that means you know some information maybe, but I want to know when the construction will start. Just for a simple information.

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