I tell you what. の意味は


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CSI:科学捜査班のラスベガス、マイアミ、そしてニューヨークの3シリーズが合同捜査を行った『CSI トリロジー』を題材にして、ETC英会話のロレット先生のレッスンを受けています。

Nick Stokes
Have you been contacting with her mother?

Dr. Ray Langston
Not yet. It was in NY.
But I told this woman I will do everything I could find her daughter.
So, here I am.

Nick Stokes
I tell you what.
Let’s take care of call out first.
Than after the shift. Hey, I will come back here with you to pass that picture together. 

Dr. Ray Langston

Nick Stokes
Okay.Come on.

さて、I tell you what とはどのような意味なのでしょうか。


I tell you what is used as you might in Japanese, you might use, in some cases maybe ”さあ”,
Or in other cases, you might use as “まず”, “まず、こうやってから…” 
Or in other cases, you might use as “これでどう?”
Basically it is used for presenting a proposal or suggestion. 
You see. Introducing a proposal or suggestion.
“こうしよう”, “まず、こうしてから、ああしよう”.
In this case, you see, they’re supposed to be,,, in this case, Dr.Langston didn’t answer his telephone.
And he’s supposed to be the crime scene, some place else, instead he’s passing out photographs, asking if they’ve seen this girl. 
And Nick Stokes comes looking for him and says,“we have to go to the crime scene”, basically.
But he understands that Dr.Langston is very serious about trying to find this young woman, because he promised her mother.
And so he presented to his proposal.
“Ok, tell you what” “こうしよう”
“Let’s go to the crime scene, and then we will come back and I will help you.”
That is his “提案” kind of.
It’s his recommendation.


Introduction for some kind of proposal.
Sometimes it is used for an explanation but usually even that is like a proposal.
For example, maybe two detectives are talking about why did something happen.
One of them says 仮説.
I tell you what. Maybe this happened and then this happened and then this happened.


I tell you what. 
This is what I think. 
This is what I suggest.




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