110912BBCのコメディー、『The Thick Of It』を観ながらETC英会話のチャールズ先生のレッスンを受けています。

the Department of Social Affairsは、このドラマに登場する架空の政府部門。社会問題省と、なんとも漠然とした名前の省庁ですが、オーリーがの、その役割、存在価値について説明しようとしいてます。


Olly Reeder: No, wait. We say the Department of Social Affairs has been doing amazing work, bread-and-butter work, belt-and-braces work, the kind of work you people aren’t interested in cos it’s not shiny, shiny, media-friendly stuff. You are so obsessed with the media, You sickos
Hugh Abbot: Sickos.
Olly Reeder: that every time we try and … just carry on with our day. You don’t show up, so we have to call a big thing like this.
Hugh Abbot: On target, under budget…
Olly Reeder: Coalface politics.
Hugh Abbot: Yes, absolutely, I like that.Not wasting resources.Good, let’s do that.

Bread-and-butter means weekly or monthly salary or the source of the companies income, What company makes is their bread-and-butter, it’s what brings in the money. So what you do is your bread-and-butter that makes your salary. It can also mean what they actually do to make money, which is just reemphasizing what I’ve already said. What a company makes is their bread-and-butter. That is what it makes their company profits and everything.

— So can I say, “writing is my bread-and-butter.”

That’s right, “writing is your bread-and-butter.”





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