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The Department of Social Affairsは、このドラマに登場する架空の政府部門。社会問題省と、なんとも漠然とした名前の省庁ですが、オーリーがの、その役割、存在価値について説明しようとしいてます。


— What does belt-and-braces mean?

Get down to hard work, like you take your jacket off, you are just seeing belt-and braces, if you are a road worker, then you get to belt-and-braces, it just means get down to hard work.

— And what does coalface politics mean?

Hard factual truthful politics, means to the point, If you had a coalface, you’ve got to do everything properly, if you don’t, you are going to have a bad accident. So coalface politics means it is just reemphasizing belt-and-braces in some ways.





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