David Lynchのインタビュープロジェクトでディクテーション~ETCマンツーマン英会話ナオミ先生のディクテーション講座01

David Lynchのインタビュープロジェクトでディクテーション~ETCマンツーマン英会話ナオミ先生のディクテーション講座01

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映画監督David Lynchさんが行ったインタビュープロジェクト。全米25000マイルを70日間かけて旅をし、その途中で出会った121名の普通の人々のインタビューをビデオに納めました。今回はカリフォルニアで出会ったジェスさんのインタビュー動画を題材にしてディクテーション(dictation)を行い、ETCマンツーマン英会話のナオミ先生のチェックをしていただきました。

David Lynch Interview Project Jess



I’m Jess. And I‘m from Colorado. My age is 64.

I was born in Baker Montana in a county of XXXXX in the year of 1944. OK?

As far as my childhood goes, my daddy used to say, “if there’s a horse, go, get on it and you get throw out. Oh well. He didn’t believe in cars.

I went into service when I got out of teenage years.

That’s about the end of my childhood.

Well, there was army life, and then I went in 2 years in Vietnam and a few things like that.

Then I got married XXXXX.

My Kids’ mother and she liked drugs and other men better than me.

So she took off with her kids and I haven’t saw’em since she left with some fairy story about going to Alaska.

I don’ t believe it, neither does anybody else.

I haven’t talked to any of my family in 15 years.

I haven’t even seen my own kids in 25.


Oh, I have a whole brunch of, basketful, but I can’t do anything about them.

But I didn’t get to see my dad before he died.

I didn’t get my mother out the suppose to be retirement home a mile since we put her in, because I couldn’t afford to do it.

I couldn’t do it alone.

I ain’t proud of anything except just being alive.

I’m an old man.

I’m gonna, I got gray hairs in my head.

I’m 6 foot tall.

So what?

マンツーマン英会話ワンポイント・レッスン~ “She took off with other men.”の意味を教えてください。




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