This just won’t do の意味は

This just won’t do の意味は (2分48秒)


This just won’t do.




番組 Transcript

Giselle says, “this just won’t do”.

For example, “that will do “ or “this will do” is the phrase which we use meaning that it’s OK. It’s OK or this is fine. “This won’t do” It’s negative, so this is not good. This is not a good situation.

Can I use this phrase often?

Ah, yeah, of course people use it usually. Sometimes parents use it to children. “This will do” in Japanese means usually like “ちょうどいい” or “これでいい”. This is just negative case. So this is not good. Some example, is for example… When we say “that will do”, that means in Japanese “それで結構です”. But sometimes when the parents tell to the children “that’s enough” or “please stop”, then they say “that will do” in an angry, of course in the angry manner. “That will do”. “That will do” means “you have to stop now”, “finish!”. When we say “that will never do”, then you say in Japanese it means “そりゃぜったいだめだ”, “it doesn’t work out”.

Of course, she uses this, meaning she is in the situation and looking at the room. So she thinks, “oh, this is no good. I have to clean the room”. “This won’t do, it’s not possible.

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