140308ドキュメンタリー、Hawaii’s Last Queen(ハワイ最後の女王)を観ながらハワイ出身のETCマンツーマン英会話のビル先生(新高円寺)のレッスンを受けています。


Liliu was well versed in Hawaiian, well versed in the western culture, and knew the values of both sides. Knew the inevitable of what was going to happen to Hawaii.

さて、versed とはどのような意味なのでしょうか。


“Versed ” means capable, or knowledgeable in, have a very deep knowledge of something.

“I am not very well versed in Japanese”, means I can’t speak Japanese that great, that well. “She is well versed in the way men behave”, meaning she understands completely men’s actions. She knows about men, men’s style and their thinking.

Q She has some experiences. Yes, she is experienced. She has a lot of experience in men’s behavior, how men treat women, or how men act in a certain situation.

Q Is the word used in an oral conversation? Not in an everyday conversation, maybe in a college setting. If you are in a college class, because this is a kind of complicated. I mean, again, “she knows how men are” would be a simple way to say. “She knows how men are”. “She is well versed in the way men behave.” It’s just a little bit more.

先生の自宅でゆったりマンツーマン英会話プライベートレッスン サービス内容・授業料時間・場所・その他条件にあった先生のお問い合わせはお気軽にどうぞ

I am not very well versed in Japanese.

She is well versed in the way men behave.




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Johnny Nobles Hawaiians – Hawaiian Hula Melody

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ハワイ王朝最後の女王 (猿谷要 著)

ハワイイ紀行 完全版 (池澤夏樹 著)

先生の自宅でゆったりマンツーマン英会話プライベートレッスン サービス内容・授業料時間・場所・その他条件にあった先生のお問い合わせはお気軽にどうぞ