ripped outの意味は

ripped outの意味は

liliuokalaniドキュメンタリー、Hawaii’s Last Queen(ハワイ最後の女王)を観ながらハワイ出身のETCマンツーマン英会話のビル先生(新高円寺)のレッスンを受けています。


If you can imagine something within your own culture that is tremendously important to you, that is suddenly done away with. Just totally ripped out and gone. If you can imagine yourself relating to something like that, that’s what we went through.

 さて、ripped outとはどのような意味なのでしょうか。


“Ripped out” means to disappear suddenly often very violently. It could be used to describe like a war, someone attacking you. But it also means to disappear in a culture.

Q: So can I say just, totally disappear and go on.

Yes, “taken away”, just “totally taken away.”

Q: Please give me sentences using “ripped out”.

So this is not pleasant but “The victims had their hearts ripped out.” “The victims had their hearts ripped out.” So some soldiers came into a village and they killed all villagers. And some of them had their hearts taken out, ripped out.

Q: What is for the purpose?

Because it is war.

Q: That’s a good answer. This is war, yes.

So that is what a war is, just makes people afraid. That is not the nice use. But that is usually how “ripped out” is used. It is usually used to describe a war scene or some kind of violence. In this case, it is not used in that way.

“The other one would be “when we lifted the hood of the car”, that means to open the front of the car, “we found that the engine had been ripped out.”

Q: OK. What is for the purpose?

Because maybe they wanted the engine or something, so car thieves. Somebody steals your car. They want to cut it up into pieces to sell.

Q: Good business.


So anyway, the engine had been ripped out. Also you can say “the radio had or the CD player had been ripped out”, removed from the car.

Q: Out means something like finish completely? 
“Out” means to remove, outside, to take out. “Rip” means to tear. So that is why it suggests a violent action.


 The victims had their hearts ripped out.   

 When we lifted the hood of the car, we found that the engine had been ripped out.   




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