let the dust settleの意味は?

let the dust settleの意味は?


今日はlet the dust settleという表現について説明をしていただきました。


If you clean the house or you sweeping, there is dust in the air.
And then maybe before you ask the family come back in, otherwise they will breathe the dust, wait until the dust has settled.
But now we use that phrase for waiting till things have calm down, like if we had arguments.
We should probably stay away from each other, until the dust has settled.
And then they continue our conversation.

So there is a Christmas party.
And all the family will be there.
And there was a big argument.
And you said “oh, I am thinking I am going to see my mother, mother in law, or my mother this week.
You really you are going there.
Now shouldn’t you let the dust settled before you go there.
So you use it for the situation has happened.
You are now situation just kind of fade away into the background a little bit.
So you can use that for that kind of thing.
Or maybe you cause troubles in the bar last night.
You cause the big, probably you want to go tonight.
“No, no, no. You should let the dust settle before you go back again”.
“You made all the dust flies. You shouldn’t go back again until all the dust has come down!.




calm down

let the dust settle




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