ETCマンツーマン英会話 人気テレビドラマ『Law and Order』を観ながらETCマンツーマン英会話のロレット先生(西大井/熊谷)のレッスンを受けています。Law and Orderはロレット先生お薦めのテレビ番組。ドラマの前半は刑事が容疑者を追跡し逮捕するまで、後半は弁護士や判事がその事件の被告にどのような判決を求めるのか裁判の様子を描いた、2段仕立てのストーリーになっています。刑事と容疑者、弁護士と裁判官、そして刑事同士、弁護士同士と様々な人々が交わす、様々なタイプの英語に触れることができます。



Worley’s boss:
John Worley. One of my best men.
Ed Green:
Yeah. Ruiz says that Worley fractured Trammell’s skull with his baton.
Worley’s boss:
Have you ever know a con to tell the truth?


“Con” means a convict. “Con” means a person in a prison.
And this episode is about prisons and people connected with prisons, and including the prison guard. Worley is the prison guard.


They call them prison guards, formally, I think, they call them corrections officers.
I think couple of times in episode you heard CO.
C for corrections. O for officers.
But a convict means a person who is in the prison now.
A person who used to be in the prison is called “ex-con”, “ex-convict”.
You almost never hear people saying “convict” in speaking.
You hear “convicts” on the TV news maybe, or read it in newspaper, but in everyday conversation people use “con” for convict.
And “ex-con” means somebody who used to be a prisoner and now he has been released.
Strictly speaking a convict is a prison who is in a prison now, ex-convict means he is out.
But you hear people using convict very loosely, even for people who were out of the jail already.
You’re supposed to use ex-convict, but they still use “convict” sometimes.

Q: What can I say instead of “con” ?
Instead of “con”? You can say “prisoner.”
“Inmate” is another one.Sometimes you hear.
But prisoner is only used for prison.
Convict is also used only for prison.
“Convict” come from “convicted,” means someone who is convicted of a crime.
That is where it comes from.
A person who is convicted is a convict.
They are coming from the same root.
An inmate is also used for people who are in a mental institution, mental hospital.
They can’t escape easily, but not prisoners exactly.
There are in for their own safety basically.
So inmate is used for both, prisoners and also mental patients in institutions.

Those are just about only 2 words you can use really in normal conversation as prisoners and inmate.
Just slang words, “jailbird” for example, because it is 檻みたいなものでしょ
But that is a slang, it is a kind of old slang.
I don’t think anybody under about 40 uses the word anymore.
Prisoner and inmate are permitted alternatives really.


= convict
jail bird



『LAW & ORDER』 シーズン15第3話「正当防衛」THE BROTHERHOOD



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