“We must play tennis sometime”の意味は

“We must play tennis sometime”の意味は

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That’s right.

Because it is similar, that the density of population, the amount of people contained in the small area.

So in UK and in Japan, you have a lot of people living in very small space.

Therefore, to make life easier, we have to have some method of avoiding direct answers or to avoid upsetting somebody.

So in Japan, we have a kind of “Tatemae” words and in English too.

We have a similar some “Tatemae” expressions.

It is not exactly all the time.

But if we say to somebody, “oh, we must play tennis sometime”.

But that “sometime” usually means “never”.

But on the surface, it sounds very friendly.

So anything which we must do something, something sometime, usually is not 100% real offer.




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