The Beatles Legend ~ブライアン他殺説

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■出演 ・マイク先生(ETCマンツーマン英会話)

■聞き手 ・福本哲也(ETC英会話 代表) ・青樹洋文

番組 Transcript

And Just to make it more interesting, guess what! Brian Epstein died one year after Paul McCartney died. Wow! Isn’t that a coincidence? Gee. Brian Epstein was gay. He was a frown boy and gay guy. At that time, it was not cool to be gay. In the 1960s, you didn’t come out and say that I am gay. No. You kept it the secret to yourself. And guess what! It’s said that Brian Epstein died from a sleeping pills overdose. Gee. Just like Marilyn Monroe, just like Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones, and just like Jim Morrison of the Doors. Gee. They all take sleeping pills and kill themselves, when they were millionaires.

So we never, me and my friends, no, we don’t believe Brian Epstein killed himself. Why would you kill yourself. Brian Epstein was a millionaire before he met the Beatles. Brian Epstein’s parents were a major furniture manufacture entity in England. He was like a BOCHAN. He was a rich boy. The Beatles were just a game for him. He didn’t have to work. And Brian Epstein was a very educated man. So it doesn’t make any sense. Why would you kill yourself? OK?

OK. So, who would make all money after Paul McCartney dead, let’s kill his manager, get him out of the way. Now the lawyer for the record company and the record company, they were making all money. And remember! John, John Lennon and Paul, Paul McCartney, they couldn’t even control their copyrights. Because when they entered into the agreement with Capital records, they had to sign another part of the contract that said, but you can’t sell your songs to anybody as you my wish. No, because we are partial party to your copyrights. So John Lennon hated that.

So, who’s gonna stick up for Paul McCartney. Paul McCartney was single. He had no wife. Get out of the picture! Here is what probably happened. Brian Epstein and Lennon, “Listen! Don’t tell anybody what happened. You found the stand-in. We find somebody that looks enough like Paul. Then we can put him on the albums, good enough face. We can have him play minor parts. We will never go in the concert again. So nobody will be able to see us. They won’t be able to hear it for and see his hands and all the distinguished mark. In the public, we will put it on the albums and 大丈夫. Cosmetic surgery, we can do it. And that’s what they did.


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