smoking ladyの意味は

smoking ladyの意味は

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CSI:科学捜査班のラスベガス、マイアミ、そしてニューヨークの3シリーズが合同捜査を行った、「CSI トリロジー」を題材にして、ETC英会話のロレット先生のレッスンを受けています。


A model manager:
Hey, you are one smoking lady.
I could get you a magazine cover like that.

Can you get this dirtbag outta (out of) here, and I’ll bag everything up? 
(“Dirtbag” is an insulting slang term, sometimes used about criminals.)

さて、smoking lady とはどのような意味なのでしょうか。


Hot is used very much to mean sexy.
He is a hot guy.
She is a hot girl.
Hot is meaning sexy.
These are all slang expressions.
Smoking means really hot.
It’s so hot.
It’s smoking.
When Something gets really hot.
It gets hot enough to start to burn.
Smoke comes out.
Just sexy is hot. 
Really sexy is smoking.
Hot enough to be smoking. 
That is why they say smoking.




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