“milk monitor”の意味は?

“milk monitor”の意味は?

110806BBCのコメディ『Only Fools And Horses』を題材にして、ETC英会話のコリン先生のレッスンを受けています。



I have managed to secure you for a position with a newly formed security company! Now they did want a man with previous experience and, as your last job was a milk monitor, I did have a bit of trouble persuading them, but, however, I have managed to swing it for you.

When you are at school, in English school, elementary of… You get a bottle of milk everyday. And the milk is delivered to the outside of the school. The milk monitors, you know, each day they change the milk monitor. The job is to take it to the class room, and put it outside of the door. So his job was a milk monitor to carry the crate of one third of the pint of the bottle and put the crate at the door and when the bottles are empty, take them away.

– Delivery man of milk?

Well, inside the school, not outside in the street of, it’s not a job. Everybody, you have to do it as part of your… “All right, Gaffney, you are milk monitor tomorrow”, “Yes, sir”, so two guys, each time from the class. It’s not a punishment. You just take it in turns. So, his last job was, when he was in a elementary school, milk monitor to carry. That’s the last time he did any work.





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