Real Englishの理解力を高める秘密の方法


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I have a lot of students who had to travel overseas on business. And they had to go to conferences, and they had to go to sales meetings. All kind of people, doctors and dentists and sales people and other kinds of Japanese business people, And I told them “hey, you take a IC recorder, and when you get off the plane in America, you turn it on. And you record everything, the taxi drivers, the hotel staffs, the restaurant chefs. You record everything. That’s real English. You can’t find it in a textbook.

And go to the conference, and put it in your coat! Don’t tell anybody! I don’t care about your company secrets. I don’t want to know. It’s not my business. After the conference, go to your hotel room. Laid down, turn it on, and review. That’s it. You do that, you are going to improve English much faster than just studying with the textbooks. And believe me! People who had done it is so happy, because it’s like “wow! I went from here to here. I went from this level to this level. I can really understand English. “ They were so happy.

And they are still making mistakes when they speak. They are still making grammatical mistakes, because we are not focusing so much on a grammar. These kinds of business people, they don’t have time to study the grammar. They do it only for the work. OK? They are not going to the university and not going back. No. It’s survival. They have to learn English to keep their job and get promotion usually. So that technique is really effective, using IC.

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