need to と must の使い分け

need to と must の使い分け

090227『その英語、ネイティブにはこう聞こえます』(David A.Thayne、小池信孝 著、主婦の友社 刊)によると、「どこで乗り換えればいいのでしょう」と英語で聞くときに、Where must I chage trains?と言うと、mustは義務が生じるときに使われるため大げさな表現になってしまうそうです。

■出演 ・カーラ先生(ETCマンツーマン英会話)

■聞き手 ・青樹洋文


(David A.Thayne、小池信孝 著、主婦の友社 刊) 

番組 Transcript

(※ 出演者が話した言葉をそのままテキストにして掲載しています。)

Must. Yeah, must is a little bit strong. Slightly. Again If depends on situation. It depends on who are you talking to. So you can not always say 100% or you have to use must .You can not follow always the grammatical rules exactly they are. Because then maybe you are going to the different situation and if you actually wanna to be stronger about your point, you can say it, must.

Depends on the situation, depends on the feeling, depends on how do you wanna transmit your message to the people, you are talking to.

Then you need to listen to a lot to see how other people speak, native speakers to, hear very carefully, and then you know, to speak also a little more relax about it. Don’t think too much about the English grammar, about the correct way, It’s very good thing to do. Watching movies and different people, different accents, different situations, or when you travel.