the bayonet constitutionの意味は


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Grant: The Hawaiian League took action one night in July of 1887, and went to Kalakaua with a document that they had drafted, which was a new constitution, which limited his power, and forced him at the point of guns to sign this document. It would stick in the gullet of all Hawaiians and especially, the Princess Lili’uokalani.

Narrator: The king called it the bayonet constitution. It turned him into little more than a puppet and deprived most Hawaiians of the vote.

さて、the bayonet constitution とはどのような意味なのでしょうか。


OK. So first of all, a “bayonet” is a knife that is attached to the end of a rifle, soldiers’ rifle. So it can be used as a spear. The constitution was forced onto the king under the threat of this violence. So he called it a bayonet.

Q: This is a common word?

No, no, no. It is totally, it is only used in a sense of Hawaii. I mean it may be used in other countries in different way. But I mean bayonet thing is strictly in this Hawaiian

Q: Is this similar meaning to gunboat diplomacy?

Yeah, that’s it. Right. Under the threat of violence. That’s it. The gunboat. Yeah, very good. That’s a good one!

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  bayonet: 兵士用ライフの先端についているナイフのこと。槍として、敵を突き刺すために使うことができる。

  constitution: 憲法




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