no worries の意味は?

no worries の意味は?


海外の笑いを理解すること。これは、英語の学習でも最も難しいテーマなのかもしれません。そこで今回はカナダ出身のコメディアンDeAnne Smithさんのスタンドアップコメディを観ながら、ETCマンツーマン英会話のパーカー先生(池袋)のレッスンを受けてみることにしました。


I have been coming to Australia for a little while now.
And I have a song about one of my experiences.
So here we go.

Here is a little story about an Australian cafe.
I ordered a glass of water, but instead of just saying ok,
the waiter said “no worries, muam”, which I guess was polite.
But to my north american ears, it just didn’t sound quite right.

“I mean it is just a glass of water.
I am not, I am not worried about it, hrm, really.
I think , maybe, if you just bring me the water and, and, but you don’t need to like project onto me that I have mental process about the glass of water.
Because I am not, I am not, concerned, I don’t even think about the concept of worry.
But you’ve been introduced it now, haven’t you.
So now I start to think.”

What would I have to worry about?
And then I started to think of all the things that could go wrong,as he fetched my drink
What if he spits in the water.
What if it is full of disease.
Unless he’s planning to do something weird.
Why would he say “no worries”.
What if the glass is cracked.
What if the glass is half empty.
What if l get philosophical
And I’m forced to confront my innate negativity.

さて、No worries とはどのような意味なのでしょうか。


Yeah, it means like “どういたしまして”.

So you can say “sorry”, and you can also say “no problem”, “問題ない”, it is also “no worries”.

Someone says “thank you”, I say “no worries”.

It’s kind of like literally “心配しないで” but we use it in more situations.


文字どおりに, 厳密な意味で



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