hung upの意味は?

hung upの意味は?


前回のレッスンで、hang onについて学びました。では、~be hung up~ とはどのような意味なのでしょうか?


“Hung up”, that is a slang for, something you put a coat, you get a coat and hang it up, now the coat is hung up on a coat hang up, on a coat stand.
So that means the coat can not get off the coat stand.
It is hung up on the coat stand.
So it would be quite a job for it to get off by itself or take it off.
You will require movement effort.
Direct, you could, “oh, where is my coat? oh, it is hung up over there.”
That’s quite rare, just like the previous thing, out of your depth.
“Hung up” now is always used, like you had a girlfriend, she finished with you, you can’t forget about her.
You are now hung up about your girlfriend, if somebody used to bully at school.
You now are carrying those feeling.
You are now hung up about that.
So you have a hangup, because you have a hangup, you are now hung up.
That has become, it is a very slang, you mean, nothing to do with English at all.
But it has become a part of language to say “you are hung up about somebody” or “something.
You have a hangup.


Q: It means that “I have some difficulty”.

Yes, difficulty. Yes.
You have a difficulty whether it is emotional about a certain situation.
“You don’t like to going on trains.”
“I have a difficulty going on trains.”
“I think I feel bad going on trains.”
“You have a hangup about going on trains.”
“You are hung up about going on trains.”
So you have a hangup, therefore you are hung up.
You could easily say “I have a difficulty getting on trains”.
That is the simplest solutionist to always use like, “I have a problem with ex girlfriend. I have a problem about ex girlfriend. I have a difficulty with ex girlfriend. I still like her.”
You could still say that. “I still have feelings for her.”
But slang is “I still have a hangup about my girlfriend”.


hang up
(心理的に)ひっかかる,こだわる, 悩みのたねである.




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