米国コメディでリスニング英語上達~アメリタ先生(横田基地)  ETCマンツーマン英会話



Q お生まれはどちらですか?

I was born in the Philippines and migrated to the United States after I graduated from college. I lived in New Jersey for over 20 years; thereafter, lived in the Philippines, South Carolina, and Indiana within a span of 7 years because of job relocation.

Q 英語はどこで学ばれたのですか?

We were mandatorily required to speak English from preschool to college, as well as learn how to read, write, and speak Spanish for 8 years.

Q 英語とフィリピンの言語は似ているのでしょうか?

フィリピンの言語はスペイン語に似ています。330年間、フィリピンはスペインの支配下にありましたので。通りの名前の多くや、私の名前”Amelita”もスペイン語です。例えば、机はフィリピンの言葉では”lamesa”、スペイン語でも”la mesa”と言います。また、靴は”sapatos”、スペイン語では”zapatos”。多くの部分が共通しています。
The Filipino language is similar to the Spanish language. The reason was because The Philippines was under the Spanish rule for 330 years. Most of the street names, even my name is in Spanish, “Amelita”. An example would be a the word “table”, in Filipino, we call the table “lamesa”; in Spanish, the table is “la mesa.”. The shoes in Filipino is called sapatos, and in Spanish, it is called zapatos. So, basically they are very similar.

Q 日本に滞在されている目的は何ですか?

We are currently residing in Fussa City, Tokyo, Japan because of my work. I was reassigned here from Indianapolis, Indiana and remained l under the United States of America. I am a Civilian Pay Liaison in Japan, representing Indianapolis, Indiana. I respond to all payroll issues of civilian government employees currently stationed in Korea, Japan and Guam. I truly enjoy and very happy with this job.


IMG_1572s.jpgQ 先生自身が頭の中で考えるときは何語を使っているのですか?

考える時はいつも英語です。フィリピンの言葉は、私でも分からない言葉がたくさんあります ので、全て英語にしてしまったほうがずっと簡単なのです。
I always think in English, because most Filipino words I find it hard to understand. It is much easier for me to have everything in English rather than the Filipino language.

Every day, we speak Tagalog (Filipino dialect) here at home. I speak Tagalog when talking to my mother, brothers and family. But, when I go out from my home, I speak in English. I speak English at work; I speak English to our customers. Basically, everything is in English. I am more comfortable speaking in English. Sometimes when I am at work, I will speak to one person in English over the phone and also speak to another person on a different phone line in Filipino. It is very confusing most of the time.

Q 生徒さんが英語の スピーキングやリスニング能力を高めるために良いアドバイスはありますか

I think students should practice speaking English with someone every day. In addition to the one hour English lesson once a week, students should try to watch a full length English movie with subtitle in English as well. When the subtitle is in Japanese, the translation maybe different than what the actor is trying to say. The words use in the movie should actually show in the subtitle. It is good ways to practice listening to the words at the same time learn the correct spelling. Another practice is to watch American comedy TV shows. Actors in a comedy speaks very fast and also a good way to learn idiomatic expressions. seinfeld ETC英会話プライベートレッスン

Q 米国のコメディで何かお奨めの番組はありますか

I like “Two and a Half Men”. That is Charlie Sheen. I think he is going to be replaced by another actor. This show is very funny. The story is about the uncle, the brother and his son, all living together in one house.

Sometimes you may find the comedy show humor maybe dry and have to listen carefully on what they are trying to say in order to laugh. Because it is a live TV show, you will hear people laughing in the background. You may ask, “Why are they laughing? Did I miss anything? That is one way of learning how to listen to people speaking.

Q 海外のドラマは、その冗談が何故おかしいのか理解するのが難しい場合がありますね。

Because sometimes jokes in the States are considered “inside joke”.

IMG_1487s.jpgQ インサイドジョークとは何ですか?

An inside joke usually happens in the States. Only certain people usually know the joke that is being delivered on stage. Not everyone knows it. You have to know who or what they are talking about in order to laugh at the joke.

Have you seen “Seinfeld”? Seinfeld is another hit comedy show in the States. The show lasted for 10 years and has a no. 1 rating. You can check the video store if they are selling the DVD’s of the several hundred episodes they showed in TV.