ETCマンツーマン英会話 赤塚

iidabasi 赤塚の先生はスウェーデン系アメリカ人男性、50代。高校などでの英語講師の他、ご自宅でも教えています。



◎最寄駅 赤塚


Please let me introduce myself to you briefly. I was born in Seattle WA in the USA where I grow up and attended school. My father is American & my mother is from Sweden so I can speak Swedish as well. I studied emergency medicine and worked as paramedic for a while.

I came to Japan after meeting my Japanese wife in Australia while traveling there. I enjoy regular hobbies such as reading, music, movies, writing, origami, sports, current issues, politics, history.

I’ve lived in Japan a couple of years and can speak some Japanese. I’ve knowledge about Japan such as its culture, social structure, education, religion, history, entertainment, sports, arts and much more. I’ve taught English in Japan with great joy while living here and working with the American & Swedish embassy as an consultant.

Whatever English you wish to learn and improve I have the skills and experience to help you on the right track with your progress.

At the trial lesson we’ll discuss what English you want to excel in and I’ll lay out a proper lesson plan for you to follow with the ideal material that will work best for you.

Currently I teach at various locations including part time tutoring at Tokyo University assisting a professor and at hospitals in Chiyoda-Ku and Bunkyo-Ku.

Thanks for taking your time reading this. Respectfly yours,